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Over the past few terms we have been working towards becoming a Dyslexia Friendly School.  This has involved lots of hard work on behalf of the teaching and non-teaching staff.  We evaluated our practices and how we use our classrooms and resources then made changes that would benefit the children with dyslexic tendencies. You will see evidence of all the changes around school.

We now have signs that have pictures as well as words.  Some of the children have been given coloured overlays in their reading books to help them to read.  We also try to use pastel coloured paper as much as we can or give children exercise books with coloured paper rather than white.

Our school has provided training for all staff on dyslexia awareness and strategies to support pupils in the classroom. All staff will need refresher training every three years.

We are continuing to gather evidence of our work towards becoming Dyslexia Friendly and hopefully soon be inspected to gain full status.  We will let you know when this happens!


Dyslexia is like a whole new world to some
Yes, people find it difficult and they get frustrated
So if you work hard you can do it, and be a great reader and speller
Later you will find that you are not dumb you just find it difficult
English is the hardest lesson for us but we can do it if we really work hard
EXpect difficulties along the way but we can get through it
I know I can get through because people believe in me and most of all I believe in myself
As long as I keep trying I know I will succeed.

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