Year 6 SATs

Year 6 have recently been doing SATS. Emily Gwynne and Joshua Thompson   [Head girl and Head boy] said that it wasn’t fun whilst doing it, but they got rewards for working so hard over the four days. We asked them what advice they could give to Year 5, they said they needed early nights ready for the early start and revise everything you have learnt since Year 3.  They also said, every now and then they needed breaks. Elloise Evans said don’t stress or else you are likely to get more things wrong.

On Friday Year six had a fun day,  watching movies, blowing bubbles and much more. Mrs Fellows said she is very proud of all the Year 6 children.  She said it was very busy as children were spread out around the school, so they could concentrate. The whole school are very proud of Year 6.



Written by Grace, Megan and Poppy in Year 5  


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