Year 1 Hamster

Year 1 welcomed their new pet to school on Monday.

A hamster called Star.

They have been writing diaries about the arrival and next

week will prepare a book on how to look after hamsters.

Very exciting times.


hamsterhamster 002hamster 003hamster 004hamster 005hamster 006

Don't forget if you can take Star home either at the weekend or for a holiday let the

office know.




Back in the office

After a short break from office duty the year 6 monitors

are back.

Keep up the good work.


office girls



Year 1 outdoor work


Year one had a lovely English lesson looking at the senses to write

non- fiction texts.

It's amazing how mant things they could see, hear, smell and feel

around school.

They left the tasting for lunch time.



Year 1 Non fiction 011Year 1 Non fiction 009Year 1 Non fiction 007

Year 1 Non fiction 005Year 1 Non fiction 002







Winning team

Prize winners 004

Prize winners 003

Prize winners 002

Prize winners 001

Well done to our boys from year 6 and 4 who won the scalectrix

competition this week.

Very proud of you all.




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